ISA: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May 30, 2016


This week I got to go to YouTube Space and meet many Asian Americans out there that are also pursuing the arts. I was able to meet Wong Fu, Dia Framption, the kids from Fresh Off The Boat, Modern Family, and Anna Akana. It was great being able to meet other people with similar passions and dreams. There were also some Vietglisheners!! I was able to talk to some Vietnamese people and share to them my vision for the Vietnamese community. That is this: we are going to build an entire new empire.

Going to this event encouraged me to follow my dream and never stop. It made me want to go into my room, drop a new beat and release another music video. It made me want to write an entire drama series and produce it right away. I love going to events like these. Have a dream, have a plan, execute it, make this dream come to life.