Vietglish Rewind (2015)

January 4, 2016

Alright Vietglisheners, thank you for reading. Today I’m going to countdown all my favorite moments of 2015!

Let’s get started.

5. Vietnamese Numbers


I wrote this song when I was in New Jersey. So after finishing up the final touches, I was ready to create this piece altogether. So I called up my friend Long and asked him to help me out. He did a really good job with lighting and filming. Thanks, Su Phu!

A lot of people tell me I should make more so that their non-Vietnamese speaking husbands/wives/kids can learn more. Let me know what you think in the comments below and I’ll get started.

4. Mom Takes Over Switch It Up Saturdays

She stole the show. When we filmed this video I told her that she could practice the first time. I also recorded the take. When I pushed the record button I had no idea what was going to come out of the take. To a huge surprise what came out was pure gold. You could hear me and my sister cracking up laughing in the background and if you listen really closely I yell at my sister for laughing too loud in the video. Regardless whenever I watch this video I laugh because my mom is simply too precious.

3. Live Performance at MUAVSA


I love live performances. I really enjoy the stage, I feel really alive when I do perform. This was the first time I was able to go out there and meet my fans and really thank everyone for watching my video on YouTube. The MUAVSA conference was really inspirational and encouraging. Thank you MUAVSA for having me and I hope I can be able to participate in more events in the future.

2. Love Me Like You Do TDT

This video blew up the Vietnamese internet. Not only was it shared like crazy, it made it to many of the most popular Vietnamese new websites. I was really surprised and very blessed to see this video grow tremendously. I also heard people sing the lyrics to this song in the Vietnamese lyrics I created. That made me laugh.

1. Anaconda TDT

Okay I know, this video was posted like a year ago back in 2014. However, the video did not blow up until 2015. Facebook video shares were crazy. California finally acknowledged Vietglish Fun through this video. I’m very grateful of this and I was really excited to learn that so many people came to know and soon love this channel. Thank you everyone for your love and support!

A New Year

This year I want to be able to grow more in my YouTube channel. These are my goals for 2016:

  • Create a music video
  • Get a better website (any web designers out there?)
  • Find a team
  • Relaunch Chom Chom Productions

I am in the process of achieving these goals this year. Have confidence, come up with an action plan, follow through, pray and with the help of God, you will be able to accomplish anything and everything.

Let’s have an awesome year this year of 2016 (Year of the Monkey).

‐Chi Kayla