8 Vietnamese OTPs We Wished Were Real

July 29, 2017

The Vietnamese Entertainment Programs (PBN, Asia, Van Son <–VN’s The Big Three) would often pair two people together for duets or collaborations. Some stuck with us in our hearts and even made us want them to be a real couple (some on the list actually DID become a couple). Most of these artists and singers now have their own families, but that doesn’t stop us from reminiscing and cherishing the memories they’ve gave us in our lives.

8. Như Quỳnh & Thế Sơn

I remember watching this video back in the day. LOVED this song.  Not only that, the chemistry they had during this performance was really awesome. Look at Như Quỳnh’s pouty so CUTE! Definitely makes my heart melt.

7. Nguyễn Hưng & Lưu Bích

Was it just me? Or was Nguyễn Hưng the only man Lưu Bích was comfortable with? They seem to really enjoy themselves during this performance so naturally and comfortably. There was even one time during a PBN behind the scenes segment when Nguyễn Hưng goes behind Lưu Bích and gives her a back hug and says, “I love Lưu Bích!” AHHH MY HEART!!

TRẢ NỢ TÌNH XA. Nguyễn Hưng & Lưu Bích by dungtienngo

6. Minh Tuyết & Huy Vũ

Looking at the interviews and MVs, I feel like Minh Tuyết definitely probably had a thing for Huy Vũ. Or at least she really appreciated him. Always enjoy their performances together. This one especially. Apparently on the set it was really hot and originally Minh Tuyết was suppose to be the frozen one, but Huy Vũ, being a gentleman he is takes the place of her and becomes the aluminum man. It was so hot Huy Vũ almost fainted! All the performances I’ve seen them together, they always bring a song to life with their voices and their acting. So da awesome.

5. Minh Trí & Việt Thi

These two always performed together. Super cute and super awesome, and THEY CAN FIGHT, well do martial arts. Minh Trí & Việt Thi were everyone’s one true pair. Actually, they were an real married couple. Apparently VT was performing martial arts at a festival. MT noticed her and pursued her and ended up married her! You listen to their songs now and you’re like wow, I actually jammed to this back in the day, but what’s worse is that you find out it was a song from anther artist (such as Best Friend and Oriental Cowgirl). Unfortunately, because of some…how should I say this, stupidity (mainly on his end), they’ve split. I was DEVASTATED and angry when I found out. Regardless these two remain iconic and we will always remember them as one.

4. Phi Nhung & Mạnh Quỳnh

Phi Nhung definitely had a thing for Mạnh Quỳnh, yo. It was an ongoing joke at PBN. They even released a collaboration DVD together back in the day. They were the power duo when it came to vọng cổ. Not only that, how can we forget the English vọng cổ? Check this clip out. I don’t know why people call me “thánh dịch,” but Mạnh Quỳnh is definitely OG.

Cai luong tieng Anh (Full) Manh Quynh – Phi Nhung by CyndiBellamy

3. Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn & Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên

I didn’t think of this but my sister low-key wanted these two to be together. I actually thought they were a couple before I knew how to speak. I always thought NCKD had a crush on NNN lol. Scripted? Not sure but it made me laugh and smile. I really liked how PBN sometimes had a storyline throughout the show and kept it interesting. Thanks PBN for your creativity!

2. Cardin & Trish

Did I mention that these two were my idols growing up???! Cardin inspired me to dance and Trish inspired me to sing. Both of them inspired me to write songs. I feel like without them, you wouldn’t have who I am today. Anywho, my first song that I’ve seen with them was “The Chase,” an originally composition by the both of them. DON’T YOU FEEL THE SPARKSS??? Seriously, this is such a cute song and so perfectly done I, I, I can’t. a;hFIAhajdbfaj… Okay calm. This lead me to go super fan mode and stalk their entire past. Cardin was part of Asia 4 and they did another collaboration on Trish’s DVD “The Best of Trish” called “I Never Thought.” That was also another amazing video. Obviously, they both grew up and had families of their own. I’m happy for the both of them, but I also forever treasure the awesome music that they gifted to us.

1. Lynda Trang Dai Tommy Ngo

My first OTP. I followed them from Tommy Ngo’s Debut with Grease Medley. They are still married. Of course there are struggles, but they work through them. Tommy shares that he still feels so lucky to be chosen by LTD *PAUSE* AWWWWWWWWWWWW So sweet! Right now they own a sandwich shop called Lynda Sandwich. I just love the clip below how there are so many women, but Tommy only chooses to look at Lynda. That’s love, when you love a women because that’s the only woman you choose to look at.

Xin Anh Hãy Quên – Lynda Trang Đài & Tommy Ngô by tien100

Who were your OTPs? Please let me know what you think in the comments below!